About Us


Welcome to THANKS AI!


The driving force behind all THANKS AI's activities is love and gratitude from the heart.
It is nurtured by the spirit of love and gratitude that connects the hearts of mine and all the members around the world as well.

No matter how far society develops, how convenient it is, or how much money you earn, the most important thing in the end is health. It is meaningless unless you and your loved ones are healthy.


"Health everyone loves to everyone you love."
By means of providing high-quality Japanese products such as plant-based minerals and proteoglycan, Thanks AI offers good health to people and, through MLM model, to their loved ones around the world. With this model, we are bringing mental as well as material happiness to everyone. In order to ultimately improve food quality, which is most important for a healthy body, our goal from the very beginning is to go all the way to improving agriculture itself. Are you healthy now?  Are you economically rich? How about your beloved? Let's do Thanks AI's activities together to gain good health and wealth in the future.


                                                                                                          Makoto Fujiwara

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