Taiwan Convention and Global Unified Changes!

Global Unified Changes Starting in October 2019

[Business Account Management Fee]
September 2019 (from October commission payment onwards)
Along with the increase in the number of members, a considerable amount of money is needed for system maintenance and security measures, etc. Therefore, equivalent worth of 500 PV will be deducted from the bonus at the time of commission transfer as a Business Account Management Fee. 

- For the countries which have been charging Transfer Fee so far, it will be changed into this Business Account Management Fee instead. 
- The transfer is made when monthly bonus reaches 3,000 PV equivalent or more. Business Account Management Fee will not be charged when the commission is less than 3,000 PV equivalent. This fee is charged only in the month when the total amount reaches 3,000 PV equivalent or more and the bonus transfer is made.
- For countries applying for weekly payment and spot payment, 500PV equivalent will be deducted from the monthly commission transfer on the 25th. No fee deduction is made at the time of weekly payment and spot payment.   
- In countries applying for weekly payment and spot payment, in addition to the equivalent of 500 PV, a bonus payment service fee equivalent to 100 PV is charged each time of weekly payment or spot payment.

[Global Calculation Fee]
September 2019 (from October commission payment onwards)

Keep pace with our global expansion, there arises a difference between the countries where the products are sold and the countries where the bonus is paid, and such difference is getting bigger and bigger. In order to accommodate and compensate such difference, revenues made outside of members’ registered countries have to be transferred back.
Therefore, a Global Calculation Fee will be applied and calculated based on the percentage of overseas sales figure in one’s own binary organization.
This percentage will be applied when 10% Global Calculation Fee is deducted from commissions.
- It will be applied to all bonuses generated in a month. (Sponsor Bonus, Pair Bonus, Balance Bonus, Global Bonus, Season Bonus, Special Campaign Bonus, etc.).
- 10% will not be charged for weekly payment and spot payment of bonus. Such fee will be deducted at the time of monthly commission payment on the 25th. (If there is no monthly bonus aggregation and the fee cannot be collected on the same month, it will be carried forward and the fee will be collected the next month.)
- If there is a fraction, it will be rounded off.
- NFR is considered as one registered country.

[Regarding the purchase of bonus-eligible products outside the registered country]
From October 1, 2019

So far, when members purchase bonus-eligible products in countries other than their registered country, there exists a problem of fund transfer, which results from the difference between product purchase country and bonus payment country. Therefore, from October 1st, 2019, product purchase should be made only in your own registered country. 

[Administrative handling fee in case of country change]
From October 1, 2019

For conducting a country change, 3,000PV equivalent (1,260 PHP) will be charged uniformly as an Administrative handling fee.
In addition, within 6 months after a country change, members cannot have their country changed again unless they have rational reason like moving to a new residence address, etc.

[Membership transfer fee]
From October 1, 2019
For conducting a membership transfer to a spouse, 3,000PV equivalent (1,260 PHP) will be charged uniformly as a handling fee.
For conducting a membership transfer in case of a member’s death, 3,000PV equivalent (1,260 PHP) will be charged uniformly as a handling fee.


Incentive Campaign for Taiwan Global Convention!
Date: October 5, 2019!    

【Campaign Details】                                                            
Campaign Period: June 2019, July Actual Results
Conditions: During the period, if the following rank (payment rank) is achieved, the travel support cost to Taiwan will be paid according to the number of achievements. Depending on the level of achievement, travel companions will also be paid.

- In order to receive the support fees, you need to attend the Global Convention in Taiwan!
- Even the conditions are met, but if you're not able to participate in the event. We will not be able to pay your support fee.
- After confirming your application, half of the support fee will be paid before the convention. The other half payment will be transferred to 10/25 after confirmation of participation in the convention.
- To receive the companion benefits, participants must also attend the convention. Companion such family members or friends are also applicable even they are not a member.
- We would like to inform you to apply your application in advance from August 01 and close on August 31. If you participate in the convention, please make sure to apply. We will show you how to apply later.
- The achievement rank is the payment rank achieved in June and July, regardless of the first achievement or the second achievement or later.
- When the achieved rank is different in the (payment rank) achieved in the two months of the June and July degree results, either higher rank is applied as the achieved rank. For example, in the case of achieving gold in June and Six gold in July, it will not be two gold ranks but one six gold rank.                                                    
- Special offer for achieving new gold or more in start-up campaign, the invitation to overseas incentives are treated separately from this campaign. If you are eligible for a start-up campaign and have achieved the new Gold Rank during this campaign, you will be able to earn the benefits of both campaigns.                                    
- The general participation fee of the convention is different in each country. Please refer to the information about each country.
- Transfer of qualifications is not possible.                                                            
- If it's required to get a visa. Expenses must be paid by yourself.        
-If you have violated the rules and regulations, even the conditions are met, you will not receive the bonus. Even the violation has been discovered after the awarding. Your next bonus payment will be offset.

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