A combination of ANCIENT and MODERN plant-based minerals

"A richly blended product "Modern vegetable mineral replan" with "Ancient humic shale mineral".


Vitamins cannot act properly without minerals.

Vitamins are necessary agents for health and beauty. However, minerals are indispensable for vitamins to act effectively. A lack of minerals leads to excretion of the vitamins without substantial function. “Vitamins are important but cannot act without minerals. Minerals are the Cinderella in the field of nutrition.”

Citation: Vitamin Bible, Dr. Earl Mindell, 1991: Grand Central Publishing, (Jap. Ed.    By Syogaku-kan, Tokyo).  


 Modern vegetable mineral replan 

  • Extracts from contemporary wild herbs, leaves, and seaweeds collected from various parts of Japan.
  • Vegetable mineral with wild reduction power and wild emulsification.

 Circa 98% absorption


  Ancient humic shale mineral

  • Extracts from humic shale more of than 100 million years ago.
  • Consists of more than 70 well-balanced minerals. 


 Ingredients: Organic fulvic acid extract (humic shale-derived), vegetable mineral extracts (seaweed ash extracts and vegetable ash extract), grape bud extract (incl.reservatrol) olive oil, gelatin, glycerol, bee wax, and glycerol fatty acid ester.

 Contents: 60 Soft Capsule

JAN: 4573175513133

Recommended by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine of Adult Disease  




With the emphasis on food safety nowadays, we produce “HYBRID MINERAL AI”, with its luxurious blend of plant-based minerals, at a factory in Japan under strict quality standards so that you can use it with peace of mind. The factory has obtained such qualifications and certifications as ISO-22000, GMP, and a carbonated beverage production license to ensure thorough safety and security. The people involved in these products from manufacturing through shipping all hope to provide you with health, smiles, and happiness by delivering these products to you.


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