Beauty lotion blended with STEM CELLS and made in Japan!

Skin Whitening!UV Care!100% free from preservatives


Beauty lotion blended with stem cells and made in Japan

 Enables a freeze-dry beauty lotion without any additives

 Edelweiss callus culture extract is a vegetable stem cell solution that enables a never-experienced good feeling by the miracle power from the vegetable origin. Multiplied with proteoglycan, it rejuvenates the skin more actively.

Beauty lotion total ingredients: Hyaluronic acid Na, BG, palmitic acid ascorbyl 3 Na, Grape leaf/ seed/ peel extract, glycerol, Edelweiss callus culture extract, resveratrol, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, poly-ε-lysin, water-soluble proteoglycan, Aloe vera leaf extract, Artichoke leaf extract, Peony root extract, Plantago major seed extract, White willow bark extract, Horse-chestnut seed extract, Houttuynia cordata extract, Geranium robertianum L. extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Mandarin orange peel extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, Wild thyme extract, Xanthan gum, Citric acid.

 Solution total ingredients:  Water, glycerol, BGpropanediol, 1.2-hexanediol, hyaluronic acid Na, fulvic acid, ethylhexylglycerol, tocopherol.

 Contents: 20 ml 

JAN: 4573175514130

No added preservatives

Modern cosmetics are required to display all of their ingredients on the label, but in fact there are many exceptions where “carry-over” compounds used to produce extracts or stabilize ingredients (typical examples include antioxidants and preservatives) do not need to be displayed. In other words, despite containing preservatives, they appear to be preservative-free. THANKS AI has achieved preservative-free cosmetics, even taking these carry-over compounds into account. This is truly a preservative-free beauty lotion.


Freeze-drying - the secret to being preservative-free

After investigating how to get our products onto skin in high concentrations and without preservatives, we found the freeze-drying method to be ideal. Kawaii  Essence Ai uses freeze-drying to dry the beauty lotion compounds, enabling them to be completely preservative-free. Also, the manufacturing and freeze-drying processes are done at the hands of skilled technicians, who manufacture our products under strict quality control standards.


The airless bottle - achieving lasting freshness

When exposed to the air, cosmetics oxidize and their quality degrades. So, for Kawaii Essence Ai, we used an “airless bottle” that keeps your product from being exposed to the air until you are finished using it. It enables you to use fresh beauty lotion to the last drop.


Start-to-finish production at our factory in Japan

To ensure quality in its components and manufacturing, Kawaii Essence Ai is produced from start to finish in our trustworthy factory in Japan.



13 types of plant extracts

- Resveratrol
- Aloe vera leaf extract
- Artichoke leaf extract
- Peony root extract
- Plantago major seed extract
- White willow bark extract
- Horse chestnut extract
- Houttuynia cordata extract
- Geranium robertianum extract
- Bilberry leaf extract
- Mandarin orange peel extrac
- Chamaemelum nobile flower extract
- Wild thyme extract


How to use this product that is committed to being addictive free


Aiming to be gentle on the skin,this beauty solution is made of vacuum freeze-drying technology with no preservatives added.

After reconstituting the fresh beauty solution, store in a refrigerator and use within one month.Use as soon as possible after dissolving.


The white material in the airless pump container is freeze-dried, additive-free raw material which is produced by using vacuum freeze-drying technology.

Remove the clear cap and metal pump from the container. Fill the container around halfway with mineral dissolving solution.

Put the clear cap and the metal pump back to the container and shake thoroughly.

Remove the cap and pump from the container again after mineral dissolving solution has mixed well with the additive-free raw material.

Fill the container with the remaining mineral dissolving solution. Put the cap and pump back and shake thoroughly again.

Leave to stand for several hours. The process is completed once the raw material has completely dissolved. Store in a refrigerator and use within one month.


Skin Care Method

Apply liberally to the face and neck preferably after bath time.Gently massage into your skin. Appling additional coats to areas of concern will enhance its effect.Kawaii Essence Ai is more effective by using right after washing your face.If your skin feels tight, you can apply the product over a small amount of addictive-free skin lotion. Do not massage excessively around the eyes.

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