A next generation supplement in film type sumptuously blended with highly refined proteoglycan by the world patented alkaline extract technology of Biomatec Japan. Inc.

Next Generation FILM-TYPE Supplement!  PROTEOGLYCAN! 

Proteoglycan is a type of saccharide composition consisting of protein and sugar chain.

Formerly proteoglycan was difficult to mass produce due to its extremely complex structure and difficulty of extraction.

However, THANKS AI enabled extraction with high refinement at the rate of 90% thanks to the world patented “Alkaline extract technology” by Biomatec Japan Inc. an affiliate of THANKS AI.

PPT (Protein protection technology)  is unique in the world.

This is the technology to extract proteoglycan from the cartilage of salmon, in association with “Hizu Namasu”, traditional north-eastern cuisine of Japan. Additionally, thanks to the cost reduction, we can now deliver proteoglycan as a product at an affordable price and a practical level, as it was extremely expensive before.

Patent No.: Japan Patent No. 4219974, US Patent No. 8153769, Russia Patent No. 2401849

Ingredients: Reduced maltose starch syrup, Proteoglycan, pullulan, glycerol, glycerol fatty acid esters, cellulose

Contents: 15 sheets (Half) | 30 sheets (1 Box)

JAN: 4573175510132

Recommended by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine of Adult Disease


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