“THANKS AI MINERAL AI (POWDER)” is a new mineral powder product with acerola, citric acid, and vitamins.

Minerals cannot be produced in our body

Why do people still become ill despite medical developments and many types of medicine? Because illness is considered to come from unhealthy dietary practices or lifestyles, especially due to the lack of minerals.                                                                                                                            

Minerals cannot be produced in the human body. To achieve the right inner mineral balance, “THANKS AI MINERAL AI (POWDER)” is the right product to take minerals consciously.

Ingredients: Organic fulvic acid extracts (from humic shale), lactose, acerola powder, organic fulvic acid mineral extracts (from humic shale), citric acid, particulate silicon dioxide, VB2.

Volume: Half Pack (15 sachets) | 1 Box (30 sachets)

AN: 4573175517131

Recommended by the Japanese Association of  Preventive Medicine of Adult Disease


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